The success or failure of a refrigeration system is determined by a number of factors, including proper day-to-day oversight and maintenance. To increase your chance of success, it’s important to employ technicians capable of handling these issues. Unfortunately, one of the problems plaguing industrial refrigeration today is a lack of qualified technicians.

Introduction to Cascade CO2 / NH3 Refrigeration Systems

M&M offers training upon request. We can set up training at our Maryland Facility or we can come to your facility. Our training is self-serving: the more qualified the technicians operating the system, the better the overall performance will be, thus ensuring higher customer satisfaction. At the same time, regulations and the refrigerants available for use in a system are changing at an exponential rate. Through the training we offer, our customers and prospects can stay up-to-date on the current regulations. We hope this allows you to make the most educated choice possible when selecting and maintaining a refrigeration system.