Lineage Rincon GA/Parts 19R-1068/TM

Quote for replacement SAB 85H compressor for SN 130792

Lineage Jackson MS/19P-376/EE

Evap Replacement/ budget 2019/2020 *LOST, price said to be 30% high

Lineage Dodge City/18M-164/McNeil

2 compressors Shipped 3/12

Lineage Friona TX/19P-293/McNeil

4 compressors Lineage is waiting on budget approval

Lineage Flint River GA/19P-274/Tippman

717 skid for expansion *LOST

Lineage Unadilla GA/19P-257/McNeil

Compressors and pump receiver

Lineage Lincoln NE/19P-192/McNeil

Kobelco Compressor Package