M&M Refrigeration to Showcase CO2 Technology at IBIE Show

M&M Refrigeration will exhibit at Booth #2300 in Las Vegas on October 8-11.

Federalsburg, MD (PRWeb), 10/6/16 – M&M Refrigeration, the refrigeration industry leader in CO2 technology, will exhibit at Booth #2300 at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). This global food equipment and technology show will be held in Las Vegas on October 8-11.

M&M Refrigeration staff will highlight spiral freezers that are powered by CO2 Cascade System technology. Vigorous circulation of cold air is used to enable freezing at a rapid rate. Spiral freezers are ideal for products requiring a long freezing time, including raw or cooked meat, fish fillets, chicken, and pizza. The M&M CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System helps lower suction temperatures down to -60 degrees F, bringing the air temperature to approximately -50 degrees F. This ensures faster freezing and quick product preservation, increased production, and lower energy expenditure.

M&M Refrigeration’s CO2/NH3 cascade system combines the advantages of CO2 in the lower-temperature side and ammonia on the higher-temperature side. Ammonia is limited to the engine room, and only CO2 is present in working, processing and storage areas.

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