Largest controlled temperature centre in Mexico and Latin America opts for NH3/CO2

In June 2015 Frialsa opened a new facility. The company had a long history using ammonia since its inception in 1983, but in 2010 decided to work with CO2 as well.

R744, Sept. 10, 2015- Based in Tepeji del Río, the new distribution centre uses a NH3/CO2 cascade system modeled on two of the company’s other plants, located in Toluca and Monterrey.

Frialsa, an industry leader in the storage and distribution of chilled and frozen products, has 22 distribution centres across Mexico, 14 of which are equipped with systems using natural refrigerants.

In 2010, the company opened its first distribution centre equipped with a NH3/CO2 cascade system in Toluca, near Mexico City. The company’s corporate engineer Ricardo García gave a sneak peak on the success of the installation and the company’s future strategy regarding projects using natural refrigerants.

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