M&M Refrigeration’s controls division (M&M Systems) specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative automated control systems. The controls division can provide solutions for everything from simple, commercially sold units to complex custom industrial plant systems.

M&M Systems evolved from designing combat simulators for the US military into a leader in automated control systems. We specialize in industrial refrigeration controls and commercial control systems with a focus on energy savings and safety. Our control system product line is scalable—from equipment control, such as a screw or reciprocating compressor, to full plant control. One scalable hardware and software solution does it all.

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Types of Controls

Contact the M&M Systems team and let us show you why “When you need Control Solutions, large or small, M&M Systems is your answer.” Our main products and services are grouped into the following categories to meet the needs and budgets of any customer:
  • Commercial Controls
  • Compressor Controls
  • Plant Controls (Microprocessor or PLC)
  • PC Monitoring Software

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Our microprocessor-based, scalable hardware platform is common across the entire M&M product line and provides the following standard features:
  • Bright and easy-to-read displays
  • A high degree of consistency in the user interface
  • Stand-alone design that does not require a PC to operate
  • Interchangeable parts from compressor to the plant control system panels
  • Designed to support future expansion and backward compatibility
  • NEMA 4 or 4X panel
  • Multiple sized backlit displays with graphics and full numerical keypad
  • Support for up to 64 analog inputs and up to 16 analog outputs
  • Support for up to 224 digital input and outputs
  • Support for up to 4 communication ports and open communication protocols
  • High efficiency universal power supplies with optional battery back-up memory
  • Optional high speed modem


Our control system software is built around a core infrastructure providing the basis for everything we do. The way data is displayed, the navigation of screens, alarm processing and logging of data are all standard features in every microprocessor product we produce. Every refrigeration control software function is designed to be easily adaptable to meet our customers’ needs. The list of software functions continues to grow with an ever-expanding set of standard features and options. This approach allows us to deliver products with a common look and feel, software that is fully tested, the ability to support all levels of facility complexities and provide a system to meet any budget size. Some of our software’s key features include:
  • Standard infrastructure (displays, logs, alarm processing)
  • Standard software packages
  • Screw compressor controllers to retrofit all major manufacturers’ units
  • Reciprocating compressor controllers to retrofit all major manufacturers’ units
  • “Off The Shelf” controllers such as evaporator panels, condenser panels, pump package panels and ice rink skid panels
  • Stand alone controllers for ice machines, spirals, chillers, engine control, etc.
  • Many options available in each module
  • What a user-friendly interface should look like:
    • Meaningful, readable displays with information organized by function, making the system easier to use
    • Transfer of training – consistent user interface across all product lines including PC software; you only need to learn one system
    • “At a Glance Technology” – data formatted and highlighted for quick reference by the operator
  • Logs — extensive logging capability provides a very useful diagnostic tool for isolating system problems
  • Alarms and failures — extensive alarms with names in user-friendly text