Pros and cons of ammonia vs cascade

The frozen food processing industry is striving to minimize or eliminate HCFC and HFC refrigerants, reduce ammonia refrigerant charge and look for alternative natural refrigerant options with similar [...]

Ammonia/CO2 South of the Border

Mexican cold-storage operator Frialsa is leading its country’s adoption of NH3/CO2 systems that are safer and 15%-20% more energy efficient than conventional ammonia equipment. Two natural [...]

Refrigeration Technology Provides Multiple Routes To Frozen Food Profitability

Cascade systems and more efficient blast cells can lower the cost of freezing food products. Refrigeration is a necessary expense for most perishable food and beverage products. Given foods’ margin [...]

IBIE 2016 Presents Biggest Bakery Show Ever

IBIE 2016 is said to be the biggest, most comprehensive event in the United States for the grain-based food industry. Produced by the American Bakers Association (ABA), Washington, D.C., and the [...]

M&M Refrigeration to Showcase CO2 Technology at IBIE Show

M&M Refrigeration will exhibit at Booth #2300 in Las Vegas on October 8-11. Federalsburg, MD (PRWeb), 10/6/16 - M&M Refrigeration, the refrigeration industry leader in CO2 technology, will [...]

M&M Refrigeration’s latest CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System Installation

Oxford Frozen Foods opens new blueberry facility in N.B. The Chronicle Herald, 7/21/16 - Blueberry giant Oxford Frozen Foods’ mega-processing plant in northeastern New Brunswick is already the [...]

Lloyd’s Register

Chances and Challenges: Harnessing the Potential of Additive Manufacturing Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) is one of this decade’s most disruptive technologies. Duco de Haan, [...]