Ammonia/CO2 South of the Border

Mexican cold-storage operator Frialsa is leading its country’s adoption of NH3/CO2 systems that are safer and 15%-20% more energy efficient than conventional ammonia equipment.

Two natural refrigerants, ammonia and carbon dioxide, have each proven to be highly effective working fluids, NH3 favoring the industrial sector, CO2 the commercial sector.

But a growing number of end users in North America in both sectors are finding that the marriage of the two natural refrigerants within a single refrigeration system can offer advantages that each refrigerant can’t necessarily deliver alone.

The first North American cold storage operator to embrace the concept of a combined NH3/CO2 cascade refrigeration systems, United States Cold Storage, now has them in 12 of its 36 facilities. On a smaller scale, two food processing companies, Imuraya and Wholesome Harvest Baking, are using Mayekawa’s NewTon NH3/CO2 packaged system for freezing applications.

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