M&M Refrigeration and Carnot Refrigeration enter into partnership to create the global leader industrial-scale natural refrigeration solutions

Federalsburg, MD July 19, 2019-M&M Refrigeration, LLC (M&M), is pleased to announce its investment in Carnot Refrigeration (Carnot). The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Based in [...]

Ammonia Safety: 4 Quick Tips

Ammonia is one of the most popular refrigerants worldwide. It is incredibly efficient and environmentally sustainable for many different industrial refrigeration applications. There are some inherent [...]

M&M Systems partners with Banyan Hills Technologies to develop IoT software for industrial refrigeration

Press Release ORMOND BEACH, Fla., June 5, 2019 / --M&M Systems, a wholly owned division of M&M Refrigeration, announces its partnership with the Internet of Things (IoT) company, Banyan [...]

6 Reasons to Go Natural

Why choose natural refrigerants? Natural refrigerants have been in the spotlight with the gradual phase out of many common synthetic refrigerants since the release of the Montreal Protocol in 1987. [...]

M&M Refrigeration: 50 Years of Cold

The start of 2019 takes M&M Refrigeration into its 50th year of business. Founded in 1969 by Duffy McConnell in Federalsburg, Maryland, M&M has gained a reputation as one of the leading [...]

Frialsa Cold Storage: 35 Million Ft3 of CO2LD and Counting

Frialsa is known as the leading cold storage operator in Mexico and Latin America, and is also one of the largest in North America. Frialsa has 24 facilities that operate at varying temperatures to [...]

Infographic: Why Choose Pure Refrigeration?

Learn more about the top six reasons to choose Pure Refrigeration for your next industrial refrigeration project. Low Ammonia Charge-- Fast Start-Up, Less Labor--Environmentally Friendly--Simple [...]