Meet the M&M Refrigeration Team



Duane Marshall, C.E.O.

Through his diverse professional endeavors over the past 35 years, Duane Marshall has gained extensive experience while serving as the CEO of four different companies. During his time in various leadership roles, Marshall has become versed in finance, business development, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and organizational development. As the C.E.O. of M&M Refrigeration for the past 4 years, Duane’s primary focus has been to grow the company through aggressive sales and marketing tactics.    



Charles Toogood, Vice President, Business Development

Charles has been in the refrigeration business for 50 years, beginning his career as a refrigeration mechanic. During that time, he’s designed and constructed roughly 4.75 million-square-feet of new refrigerated warehouse space, and overseen the design and installation of the first CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System in a public refrigerated warehouse in North America. Since 2011, Charles has been leading business development at M&M Refrigeration. He is responsible for keeping in touch with new and existing customers regarding their refrigeration needs, analyzing their needs based on his extensive technical knowledge of product capabilities and limitations, and then recommending specific products and services that will meet customer needs.    




Greg Robison, Vice President, Sales

Greg Robison has been in the air conditioning and refrigeration business for more than 48years—over 36 of those years at M&M. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Paul Smith College in New York State, and he is a past national president of the Refrigeration Engineers and Technicians Association. As a long time refrigeration expert, Greg travels to help with all facets of refrigeration systems from evaluating existing problems with a repair, up to complete new green field or additions to existing industrial refrigeration systems including the mechanical, power, and microprocessor control systems with clients all over the globe. He has been an asset to M&M by accepting an array of roles ranging from engineering to sales.      



Ole Christensen, Vice President, Engineering

Ole Christensen has been involved in the refrigeration industry for more than 35 years, beginning his career in his home country of Denmark. In 2004, Ole joined M&M Refrigeration, as Vice President, Engineering. In this current position, he has lead the design of more than 50 CO2 Cascade Refrigeration Systems. As a regarded leader in the industry, Ole has contributed to many publications including IIAR’s “Carbon Dioxide Industrial Refrigeration Handbook”. Ole holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, specializing in refrigeration technology, from the Technical University of Denmark.    




John H. (Hank) McConnell, Vice President of Engineering Operations, M&M Systems

Hank cut his teeth as an engineer at General Electric’s Simulation and Control Division, supplying military flight and armored vehicle simulators. He began working for M&M Refrigeration right out of high school, and then again during breaks from college. In 1991 M&M Systems became the controls division of M&M Refrigeration. Since then Hank and the team have been supplying fully integrated control systems to the refrigeration industry with a focus on energy management. Much of the software and system design methods learned during the early years are reflected in the M&M products of today. Hank earned a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He is currently training in Lean/Six Sigma through Villanova University.