Screw Compressors


equip-screw-compressorScrew Compressor Features:

M&M’s screw compressor packages are used in a wide range of industrial refrigeration applications. All of our compressor packages are built to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency, operational safety, trouble-free operation, and easy maintenance.

Available Screw Compressor Package Options

  • Compressor motor: open drip proof is standard; other enclosures available
  • Compressor motor starters: solid state, variable frequency drive, and many other enclosures and voltages available
  • Oil cooling options: thermosyphon, liquid injection and water cooled
  • Single-stage compressor package with factory-installed DX economizer
  • Economizer port valve station for flash economizer systems
  • Dual oil filters
  • Suction and discharge stop valves
  • Dual compressor packages

In addition, M&M screw compressors can be provided with other refrigeration system components such as evaporators, condensers, and pressure vessels in a factory-assembled, pre-piped and pre-wired package.

Available Options

Frequently Requested Options

1. Adjustable Vi screw compressor
2. TEFC and explosion-proof motor enclosures
3. Compressor motor starter in the customer-requested voltage and enclosure

a. Solid state
b. Variable frequency drive (VFD)

4. Thermosyphon, liquid injection, and water-cooled oil coolers
5. DX economizer heat exchanger and valve station
6. Flash economizer valve station
7. Dual oil filters
8. Suction and discharge stop valves
9. Vibration monitoring



M&M Refrigeration is capable of packaging a variety of compressor blocks, including Howden, Kobelco (Kobe), Mycom, Vilter and others. Our standard compressor package series is the Howden line of WRV and XRV compressors.

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