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M&M Refrigeration has been manufacturing chillers for over 40 years. All chillers are designed using advanced software, such as AutoCAD for design and drafting and PV Elite for stress and weight analysis. On all included vessel designs, we are capable of building chillers for almost any application.

Benefits of Custom Chiller Packages

  • chiller-mm-refrigeration-2Capacity you need, not what’s available in a catalog
  • Restricted machinery space – Due to M&M’s diverse products, our engineers are able to select from a wide range of components that balance functionality, size and efficiency to produce a system that is optimal for the space available
  • Future capacity – We design the system’s frame and piping to allow for future growth with minimal downtime
  • Flood zones – All electrical can be placed above the maximum flood level to reduce future electrical repairs
  • Existing piping – Our designs ensure the amount of field piping required to connect to an existing system is minimal

Chiller Uses

  • chiller-mm-refrigeration-1Thermal Ice Storage
    • Run compressors during off-peak electric hours
    • Lower outside temperatures reduce electrical usage and load on compressor
  • Comfort cooling – One centralized chiller unit replaces numerous traditional commercial units
    • Save on maintenance
    • Easily create zones
    • Reduce duct work
    • Stand-by equipment is for entire system, not just one zone
    • Minimal roof penetrations
  • Product testing environment cooling
  • Data center cooling



  • Choice of type and compressor manufacturer
  • Condensers
    • Air cooled
    • Water cooled (shell & tube, plate & frame, shell & plate HX)
    • Evaporative (has benefits of both air and water)
  • Evaporator
    • Shell and Tube
    • Plate and Frame
    • Shell and Plate
  • Heat recovery heat exchanger for floor warming, process water

M&M Refrigeration is capable of manufacturing many different configurations of chillers. Our standard offerings include:

Ammonia Data Table (PDF)

Ammonia Chillers

Ice Rink Chillers

For more information on custom configurations to meet your needs please contact our sales department.

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