Ice Rinks


Ice Rinks Application Overview

Ice_rink_chillersM&M Refrigeration’s series of packaged ice rink chillers is based on our well-known reciprocating compressors, high efficiency evaporators with flooded surge drum, and M&M System’s Ice Rink Control System (IRCS).

The wide range of standard ice rink chillers consists of two-compressor units for single rinks and three-compressor units for double rinks.

Our standard refrigerant combinations are ammonia or HFC refrigerant with ethylene glycol. Other refrigerants/glycol combinations can easily be offered on request.

For each of the two standard refrigerant combinations there are 10 different sizes with nominal capacities from 66 TR to 282 TR.

The standard ice rink package includes the following main components:

  • Two reciprocating compressor units for single rink packages
  • Three reciprocating compressor units for double rink packages
  • One flooded evaporator
  • Liquid feed with high side float
  • Oil separators for reciprocating compressors
  • Oil pot for manual oil drain on ammonia packages
  • Oil rectifier and automatic oil recovery system on HFC packages
  • One brine/glycol pump, one stand-by brine/glycol pump for single rink packages
  • Two brine/glycol pumps, one stand-by brine/glycol pump for double rink packages
  • Microprocessor control system (wired)
  • MCP for all the above mentioned equipment plus starter for jacket pump (if required), condenser pump, and condenser fans, all wired with a main breaker
  • Mounting and piping of all equipment mentioned above on a common steel base


Ice Rinks Options

The following optional equipment are available:

  • Snow melt and under floor heat exchangers including pumps
  • VFD drives for condenser fans and/or brine/glycol pumps with controls
  • Heat exchanger for arena heating including pumps
  • Condenser (evaporative, air cooled or water cooled)
  • PC based control system with computer graphics for remote monitoring, controls, alarms, etc.
  • Condenser sump heat control
  • Condenser remote sump control
  • Monitor non-condensable
  • Engine room exhaust fan control
  • Leak detection
  • KW monitoring
  • Single rink 3 outputs lighting control
  • Double rink 6 outputs lighting control
  • Infrared temperature monitoring and/or control
  • Custom software

For more information on custom configurations to meet your needs please contact our sales department.