Ammonia Application Overview

ammonia01Ammonia has been a trusted refrigerant since the 19th century when it was among the earliest refrigerants used in mechanical systems. Today, it’s the only one of the early refrigerants to have secured a lasting role as a refrigerant.

For nearly 40 years, M&M Refrigeration has been designing and manufacturing refrigeration systems and components for the industrial refrigeration industry. Environmental concerns and new F-gas regulations encouraged M&M Refrigeration to develop systems and components using other natural refrigerants, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), as a long-term alternative for industrial refrigeration.


Available Options

M&M Refrigeration continues to design and manufacture industrial refrigeration equipment that is environmentally friendly using natural refrigerants such as ammonia and CO2. M&M Refrigeration is a world leader in the manufacture, design and installation of industrial refrigeration equipment and controls, offering a complete selection of screw compressors and reciprocating compressor packages, pressure vessels, chiller packages and skid mounted refrigeration packages, microprocessor equipment controllers, and system controls. We also supply forced and induced draft evaporative condensers, steel and aluminum evaporator coils, rooftop critical-process air systems, and open or closed circuit cooling towers.

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