Applications Overview

M&M Refrigeration Systems are designed for a variety of industrial applications. Our systems include:


CO2 Cascade Refrigeration Systems

Since 2004, M&M Refrigeration has been the US leader in the reintroduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a viable refrigerant. We have designed, manufactured and installed more CO2 Cascade Refrigeration Systems than all of our competitors combined. These systems range in capacity between 25 and 1500 tons for various applications… Read More>>

Ammonia Systems

Ammonia has been a trusted refrigerant since the 19th century when it was among the earliest refrigerants used in mechanical systems. Today, it’s the only one of the early refrigerants to have secured a lasting role as a refrigerant. For nearly 40 years, M&M Refrigeration has been designing and manufacturing refrigeration systems and components… Read More>>

Cold Storage

At M&M Refrigeration, our core business began in the cold storage industry. These warehouses use a refrigerated facility to store perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and beverages. A temperature-controlled facility’s design can impact every facet of operations from energy costs to turn-over time. M&M Refrigeration has the knowledge and capability to provide owners and operators with the most efficient and cost effective refrigeration systems, including our CO2 Cascade and Ammonia systems. Read More>>


Spiral Freezers

Spiral freezers are used in both CO2 Cascade and Ammonia Refrigeration Systems where vigorous circulation of cold air is used to enable freezing at a rapid rate. Spiral freezers are ideal for products requiring a long freezing time, including raw or cooked meat, fish fillets, chicken, and pizza. With an M&M CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System application, we can lower your suction temperatures down to -60 degrees F, bringing your air temperature is around -50 degrees F. Read More>>


Ice Rinks

M&M Refrigeration’s series of packaged ice rink chillers is based on our well-known reciprocating compressors, high efficiency evaporators with flooded surge drum, and M&M System’s Ice Rink Control System (IRCS). The wide range of standard ice rink chillers consists of two-compressor units for single rinks and three-compressor units… Read More>>


Ground Freezing

M&M Refrigeration has steadily increased its product offerings, making us a “Total Solutions” provider of all industrial refrigeration equipment and controls. M&M provides the mining industry with specifically designed and built, self-contained chilling systems. These systems are used to freeze the ground prior to drilling… Read More>>