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Ammonia/CO2 South of the Border - Mexican cold-storage operator Frialsa is leading its country’s adoption of NH3/CO2 systems that are safer and 15%-20% more energy efficient ...Read More
Refrigeration Technology Provides Multiple Routes To Frozen Food Profitability - Cascade systems and more efficient blast cells can lower the cost of freezing food products. Refrigeration is a necessary expense ...Read More
IBIE 2016 Presents Biggest Bakery Show Ever - IBIE 2016 is said to be the biggest, most comprehensive event in the United States for the grain-based food industry. ...Read More

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 About M&M Refrigeration

A global leader in industrial refrigeration, M&M has hundreds of refrigeration systems installed globally.

As your Refrigeration Partner for Life, we design, manufacture, install and service equipment and controls for all of your industrial refrigeration needs:

  • Screw compressor & reciprocating compressor packages
  • Pressure vessels
  • Chiller packages and skid mounted refrigeration packages
  • Microcompressor equipment controllers
  • Refrigeration system controls…… Read More

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Global Cold Chain Expo

June 13-15, 2017, Chicago IL; Booth #5255

The Global Cold Chain Expo is the one-stop shop for innovation, education and business-to-business networking for the global food industry cold chain—from producer to consumer.

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